Deterrent system to prevent fuel theft and tank breakage and/or of its components (cap and gauge). The patented system is based on two capsulated electronic sensors with adjustable sensitivity, attached outside of the tank on the truck chassis, allowing the system to be perfectly camouflaged for the thief.


Antisabotage system with IP-65 waterproof siren with a maximum allowed noise level (120 dB). In the same way, the system is timed; each time it is “attacked”, it warns us being connected and disconnected itself. Regarding the control unit, supplied at 12V. it is installed in the cabin, protected from bad weather and vandalism and even if its 24V power supply is disconnected, it will not be affected.

Its sensitivity is maximum, even in case of an attempt to perforate the tank, and without false alarms, nor by movements of the cabin (because of the wind), nor by automatic ignition of the refrigerator vehicle and all this with a very easy assembly mode (product supplied in kit version) with complete assembly instructions and corresponding diagram, without drilling or tightening screws. Of course, our system can be moved from a vehicle to another.

This system can be combined with as many variants as you want adding sensors:
Magnetic sensor to prevent access to the batteries.
Magnetic sensors to prevent the pallets holder robbery.
Electronic sensor to prevent the theft of diesel in the refrigerator vehicle.
Sensors to open the refrigerator doors.
Modification in the control unit to inform the cabin doors opening.
And all this in a single control unit, everything is a matter of installed sensors quantity, which makes our system much more costeffective.