Deterrent systems for fuel theft in the trucks tanks and cabins and tarpaulins

Vehicles immobilization systems to avoid doors and ceilings opening of vans and refrigerated vehicles.


It emits alarm sounds to scare the thief and sends GPS messages with integration into Locatel and TDI.


A fully safe system that is invisible and can’t be sabotaged.


The system is only activated in real robbery actions, without false alarms.
Anti drills
No false alarms
Self mountable
Suitable for technical review

Patented systems

We are a familiar company in the transport sector for more than 16 years and this is the reason why we are very aware with this kind of problems in the sector.

For this reason, we have designed and manufactured our U-201800270 (Gasoil) and U-201800267 (Tarpaulins) patented systems to prevent fuel theft each time more frequents. In addition, our products have been thoroughly tested since the beginning with other transporters and companies of the sector in the south-eastern region of Spain.